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Welcome to the Dubai College Beginner Band. Exclusive to Year 7 Students, your musical journey starts here...

The Beginner Band Scheme at Dubai College

The Beginner Band scheme is an exclusive and exciting opportunity for students in Year 7 to learn an instrument and try it out before fully committing to the expense of buying a new instrument and continuing with one-to-one lessons.

Now in its fifteenth year of success at Dubai College, the school has invested in many different instruments which are loaned out to students on the Beginner Band scheme for the whole of the academic year. Students choose to learn either a woodwind or a brass instrument and are expected to attend their group lessons and band practice each week which culminate in three concert performances at the end of each term.  

Most students choose to continue with their instruments into Year 8 and the scheme successfully feeds into the Training Band, the Intermediate Band, the more advanced Concert Band and the elite Jazz Band.

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Student Success Stories

Year 11 students Shaan, Tithira and Amal are working towards their grade 8 saxophone exams having started playing in the Beginner Band in Year 7.  Sourav our current Head Boy is working towards his Diploma on Tuba having started playing in the Beginner Band in Year 7. Tom (Alum 2020) started saxophone in Year 7 and is now studying at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London on Jazz Saxophone.

Year 8 Opportunity

This year we are offering Year 8s the same opportunity as Year 7 students to take part in the Beginner Band scheme due to the programme not being available last year owing to pandemic restrictions.  Alternatively, we are offering reduced fee instrumental lessons for one year only for students in Years 7 and 8 who wish to study in pairs with an instrument rental agreement to encourage and sustain music making during these unprecedented times.


Fees 2021-2022

Beginner Band – fee includes one year of small group tuition (up to 8 in a group), sheet music, instrument hire and band practice: AED 1,200 (plus VAT)


Paired Tuition – fee includes one year of paired tuition for Year 7/8 students including hire of instrument, sheet music and band practice: AED 3,300 (plus VAT)


One to one instrumental lessons* for the full academic year: AED 6,600* (plus VAT)

*fee for lessons only